MobileFlow is a SAAS Cloud based application serving the needs of the telecommunications industry, with an emphasis on the needs of the telecomunication dealer, and the needs of the corporate and SMB clients that they serve.

This application has procured and fulfilled over 200,000 orders for some of Canada's biggest clients, including the top five banks, automotive clients, financial investment instituions, and many of the country's largest manufacturers. MobileFlow has allowed these dealers to activate and upgrade thier fleets of mobile devices, repair their broken devices and manage all service requests their clients may have.

MobileFlow continues to grow and develop as the market needs evolve. The product has enhanced functionality to handle SIM only activities, BYOD projects, and SIM pairing with unlocked devices. More recently we have started to manage secure disposal and recycling of their devices, providing guaranteed security of corporate data and environmental material management.

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Rogers - MobileFlow welcomes Rogers Dealers

New Price Engine Updates to Support Rogers

We have updated our pricing engine to allow single products to be priced based on Region and Plan Type (Tab).

Load the Rogers Consumer and Corporate Price Grids

Auto-price your products based on the Rogers price grid. Make hundreds of changes and updates in seconds.

Portal product selection supports regional product plan associations

Portals support the complexity of the Rogers consumer product pricing, making it simple to display all product options in a single portal.

TELUS - Ever increasing support for TELUS Dealers

NEW: Support for TELUS EVS

TELUS EVS is coming, and we support the interests of our dealers. Support TELUS EVS but retain the first point of contact with your customers. New custom functionality built to send the customer to EVS only when required, without risk of losing your corporate EPP clients.

Load the TELUS Partners price sheet for automatic pricing

Make manual price changes a thing of the past. Configure your products to link to the Partners price sheet and update all products in one simple step.

Export Directly to TELUS Corporate/EPP Activation Spreadsheets

Avoid typos and speed processing workflow with automatic generation of activation spreadsheets, ready to send to TELUS in a few clicks.

Support for the new YourChoice and Regional Corporate plans

Competitive products cannot adequately handle the complexity of the new Primary and Add-a-Line plans from TELUS EPP. MobileFlow supports divided voice/data plans, and has added regional support for national corporate clients.

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Live product demonstration portals

Simple and Effective - Single Order workflows

Some corporate clients like to keep things simple. Portals can be created for single order workflows - activations, upgrades, repairs, service requests. The single orders lead the users through the process, enforcing business rules as required.

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Incredibly efficient - Multiple order shopping cart

The shopping cart model let customers do as many activities as they wish, all at once. Create activations and upgrades for entire teams all at once, seamlessly. Activate unlocked hardware with SIM only plans. The cart does it all.

Open Live Shopping Cart Portal

Designed Specifically for the Mobile Dealer Environment

Everything a Mobile Dealer needs, out of the box.

The MobileFlow application has supported some of the most successful telecommunication dealers in the country, and in that process has grown to fill the needs of these dealers and their massive corporate clients. If future clients need additional functionality, the modular nature of the product makes this possible, and easily integrated into a modern, user friendly back office.

  • Order Procurement and Fulfillment
    • Activation
    • Upgrade
    • Device Replacement
    • Accessory ordering and bundling
    • SIM activations of non-carrier devices
    • Contract management and signature capture
    • Powerful cart based multiple ordering and bundling
  • Service Requests
    • MDN Change
    • Plan Change
    • Address Change
    • Etc, etc
  • Client administration/approval
  • Service Requests
  • Repair processing and loaner tracking
  • Trade-in Processing

Completely Self Managed from Branding to Products

Customers manage their own environment easily.

The product will adapt based on what products and plans are created, how they are associated, and which products are placed into which portal. The workflows take care of themselves automatically. Need help with graphics and setup? We're here to help if needed.

Unlimited custom sales portal environments

Sales Portals can be easily created in minutes, and common business rules such as credit check and contract requirements can be enabled with the click of a button. Complex portals can be cloned and modified to make fast work of bringing on new clients, starting new projects, or to present in an RFP response to show online readiness and proficiency.

Branding and Content Management

Portals can be easily branded to give any look and feel to any portal. Template colouring and easy image upload allows a portal to be themed easily, for any opportunity. Dual language content and messaging is easily managed to speak directly to the intended audience. Content may be cloned between portals and then modified to meet any need.

Product Catalogue

Place any products and plans into the portal and the business rules will enable the workflows, and present the catalogue to the client. Use default pricing or override pricing for specific portals, and control naming and plan association to fit the exact opportunity need.

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MobileFlow can make a difference in the success of your dealership by providing excellent engagement with your customers, and providing you the ability to meet all of your customer's individual needs simultaneously.