MobileFlow has been enhanced to support TELUS dealers specifically. We have enabled some of TELUS' largest dealers for the past 10 years, and added efficiency to assist them to the best of our ability

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MobileFlow protects the business of TELUS dealers while satisfying EVS requirements

Wireless Dealer's TELUS EVS implementation involves providing your corporate clients with a direct URL to TELUS. TELUS verifies the client and then directs the client to the dealer. We feel that this is a risk, and the first point of contact with your customers should be you, the dealer. You fought to win your clients, you should retain your position as the first point of contact. MobileFlow enables you to do just that.

TELUS Your Choice Customer Engagement

MobileFlow's got you covered, with a highly effective model for TELUS YourChoice!

We've made changes to support the YourChoice model, and now hundreds of EPP customers can be supported by configuring just a few portals. Our content management system allows linked content that makes maintenance incredibly easy, even across high volumes of corporate customers.

Our flexible branding can be set up visually many different ways, and the mechanics behind the scenes are dependable and proven.

Directly Load the TELUS Partners Price Grid for Automatic Pricing

Never manually price products ever again

The biggest pain point in managing hundreds of clients is the ever changing pricing of the mobile devices you are selling. They can change even once a day. MobileFlow allows you to upload, analyze, and process these price sheets to quickly set all prices in seconds, eliminating the need for manual pricing. Activation credits are defined separately, allowing device prices to be set directly from the Partners price sheet.

Corporate and EPP price sheets are supported, and product groups make both product management and product pricing a simple task.

Export Directly to TELUS Corporate/EPP Activation Spreadsheets

Avoid typos and speed processing workflow with automatic generation of activation spreadsheets, ready to send to TELUS in a few clicks.

Streamline your Fulfillment Process

Collect Credit Card - Eliminate outbound calls to customers to get Credit Card information!

MobileFlow securely collects credit card numbers and customer credit check data. We securely display this information during order fulfilment and eliminate the need for any outbound calls to the customer. Drastically speed up your order fulfilment capabilities.

Generate Shipping Waybills

Generate Shipping Waybills directly out of the application based on the provided customer shipping address. The waybill tracking link automatically goes onto the customer's shipping confirmation.

MobileFlow can make a difference in the success of your dealership by providing excellent engagement with your customers, and providing you the ability to meet all of your customer's individual needs simultaneously.