This privacy policy concerns the web site and does not reflect the privacy policies of the customers of the products represented. Each vendor must determine and disclose their own privacy policy, describing what they do with the data they collect in terms of account information, purchased products, etc.

Collection of personal information

This website does not collect your information without you explictly providing it. We do not use cookies, nor Google Analytics, so you can rest assured that your browsing and viewing of the site is anonymous.

The contact page does collect your name, email address and phone number if provided, for the purposes of contacting you as is the purpose of submitting such information. We do retain this information in our files in order to contact you to provide more information, set up demonstrations, etc.

Retention of Information

We do retain collected information until requested that we do not reatin it, which could be performed at any time, by requesting this also through the contact page, or the email

The site does not request nor store any information which is deemed to be sensitive information. Notification of breach of the data store containing stored information will be notified on the site as a message to visitors.

Disclosure of Collected Information

We do not disclose any information to anyone, third party or otherwise.